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Shoujo Toys!

Welcome to Shoujo-Toys! This site is my attempt at a record of the toys and wands avaialble from shoujo anime series. The criteria for the toys that I list is that they are objects used in the series. So no dolls or cards or games, just replicas. Now there is the occasional weird toy that I just had to throw in, but for the most part that is my goal. This site also serves as a record of what I have and what I am looking for (for my own use though through it I have had offers to sell me toys and there are the kind people who think of me when they see ebay auctions and send me the link).


Please do not ask me to sell my toys. They are my personal collection and most of the toys listed here I do not even own. My collection is moslty Sailor Moon wands, though I would love to have more.

If you are looking to buy toys I can suggest a few places I have seen shoujo toys and a few I have actually purchased from. These sites are listed under the links section.

If you have any questions about toys please email me. I LOVE getting email about my toys!


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Last updated March 6th 2011